The Belly Bar Bromley is a fully registered body piercing and tattoo studio situated in Bromley; only 2 minutes from Bromley North rail station and 10 minutes from Bromley South rail station.

At The Belly Bar we have over 20 years of experience in body piercing with male and female piercers available.
We have drop in slots throughout out the day for piercings. 
It is best to call or facebook us to book a tattoo to allow the artist to design your tattoo.



Ryan Brough

Piercer & Manager

Ryan has been piercing for the company almost 20 years now... there isn’t much he hasn’t pierced during that time!! In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, and playing in his two hardcore bands, Dropset and Last Orders HC.


Brogan O'Donnell


Brogan has been piercing for nearly 5 years after leaving behind a career in hairdressing to follow her passion for piercing! She enjoys attending gigs, stand up comedy and spending time with family and friends.

Isobel Bateman


Isobel has been with the company nearly 4 years after completing a customer service apprenticeship...She has been a fully qualified piercer almost two years and in her spare time collects crystals and semi-precious stones.

She has a twin sister named Lily that she loves to spend time with whenever possible!

Jasmine Lloyd


Jasmine started with us in 2019 and became extremely knowledgable in different styles of jewellery and began piercing shortly after starting with us.

She lives a vegan lifestyle and is extremely creative and has helped work on independent films in the past!


George Roberts


George has been tattooing for nearly ten years.

He loves to tattoo in a realistic style, be it colour or black and grey. He loves horror movies and especially welcomes any movie character portrait tattoos. In his spare time, he spends time with his fiancé and plays in the UKHC band Idle Hands.
Check out his work @gtattoos666


Daniela Piciallo


Daniela loves to tattoo anything cartoon orientated and excels in tattooing Disney characters.

Anything bright and feminine and Daniela is the artist for you!

In her rare spare time, she enjoys travelling back to southern Italy to visit family.

Check out her work @dada_artcore

Beautiful Nature

Edith Trejo


Edith has been tattooing for over 5 years and joined our team in 2019.

She enjoys tattooing a wide variety of styles from Japanese and traditional tattoos to blackwork style pieces.

In her spare time enjoys cycling and travelling.

Check out her work @trehot