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You have just been tattooed in the most sterile conditions possible. This advice sheet is given as a written reminder. Getting a new tattoo involves breaking the skin surface so there is always a potential risk for infection to occur afterwards. Your tattoo should be treated as a wound initially and it is important that this advice is followed so that the infection risk can be minimised. Most infections are due to bad aftercare.


Remove the cling-film from your tattoo after two hours then:


- Wash the tattoo using your fingertips or hand only, using a mild antibacterial

soap and warm water. Take care to remove all traces of blood as this will cause



- Rinse off gently using cold water to close the skins pores.


- Pat dry with a clean sheet of kitchen roll. Do not rub.


- Apply a thin coat of Fougera ointment* or a cream as advised by your tattooist,

just enough to make it shine, a little goes a long way.


- Work it in well with the palm of your hand and dab off any excess with a paper

towel. Apply ointment twice/three times a day for two to three weeks.


Do not use lotions that contain colour or fragrance until the healing is complete.


After a few days, you will notice some peeling and possibly a little scabbing. DO NOT scratch it or pick it.


After two to four weeks the tattoo should look like it's healed, though it will take longer for the skin to completely regenerate itself. If it looks a bit dry, this is called silver skin, be sure to moisturise with cocoa butter.


- Avoid tight clothing covering your tattoo; they can cause the scabs to be rubbed of prematurely causing colour loss and patchiness of your tattoo.


- Always keep a new tattoo covered and protected with cling film if working in a

dirty/dusty/oily environment.


- Avoid any fluffy, woollen type clothes coming into contact with your new tattoo.


- Avoid sun beds or direct sunlight as this can fade your tattoo, particularly when it’s new. Also, keep spray tans away from your healing tattoo!


- Use a minimum 30SPF sun block to keep your tattoo vibrant for many years.


- Avoid swimming pools and baths for 4-6 weeks after getting a new tattoo. It is ok to shower, but saturating your tattoo should be avoided.


If you have any problems/queries, contact your practitioner initially. He/she will refer you onto your GP if there are signs of adverse reaction/infection.


* Fougera ointment or other recommended creams should not be used if you are allergic or sensitive to any of their ingredients. If you have any adverse reactions to a recommended cream please stop using it immediately and speak to your tattooist about an alternative. If reaction is severe prolonged medical advice should be sought.


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