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Is it going to hurt?


Not nearly as much as you think! Piercing is not a painless experience--but pain is completely relative to the individual and the pain incurred during a piercing is nothing that the average person can't handle. There’s only one way to find out.


How long will it take to heal?


That depends. Each area of the body has its own healing period and process. Oral and oral/facial piercings tend to heal fastest, while others tend to heal a bit slower. Remeber every individual body heals in very different ways. In our after care page we have ESTIMATED times of healing.


How long before I can change the initial jewellery?


In accordance with healing, this time period can vary from person to person. There are two things to consider: the initial and full healing periods. The initial healing period is that time when the body creates a nice layer of skin between you and the starter jewellery. The full healing period is when the new piercing is entirely healed. All of our piercers are here to help with any queries.


What type of metal do you recommend to be pierced with?


We always recommend Grade 23 Titanium (ASTM F136), surgical steel (316L) or in some cases polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).


Piercing is healing, What is the crusty stuff around It?


Don't worry, this is normal. And are either lymph or dead blood cells and plasma, they surface, and then dry . Usually clear or pale yellow in colour.If the ooze seeping from your piercing is dark yellow, green or brown, however, it could indicate infection and you should see your piercer or your doctor right away.


What should I use to clean my piercing?


Your body piercer will advice you on aftercare. We recommend using Saline Solution to clean your piercing, we always supply you with aftercare included in the price of piercing. But if you would prefer ask for your piercer's advice on making a good saltwater cleaner.


Why Saline (saltwater)?


Disinfectants are often too strong or harsh to clean a healthy piercing with and sometimes cause aggravation. If you suspect you have an infection you should feel free to consult your piercer and G.P